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New Year New Oppurtunities

New year New opportunities.

Happy new year Misfit Yogis!!

I hope everyone had very good holidays. Mine was quite tranquil. Since I didn’t come home for the season, I missed out on the fancy feasts of a Manila Christmas. Those who know what I’m talking about… you lucky ducks! Anyway, Ivan and I decided to have just a few friends over and spend the actual 25th and NYE just us. It was peaceful but I missed my mom, the family, the animals. That wonderful noise that is family conversation, Oh well, maybe next year.

In my last post I talked about some of the issues I've been having about the disorganisation in my life. I'm happy to say that after I wrote that piece, I finally asked for help. I sought the help of a friend, my partner and amazon kindle. I realised that I needed to understand the root of my anxiety while taking the necessary steps to silence my head.

From the books I learned to vision board, create a niche market, and blueprint my career path__ all will be included in upcoming posts on I started really using a planner (thank you Daniel), Ivan suggested that I list every expense down to the last apple (actual fruit not device). All of which have helped me form good habits. I also told myself to take things a day at a time so I don’t get so overwhelmed. So far so good.

After this, things got a bit better. I finally landed a long-term job on Upwork. After 8 months of writing proposals, trial articles and not getting paid for them (more on this on another post), creating pieces that didn’t resonate with me, and ghostwriting jobs ( I do not recommend), I finally landed something worth my time.

I write teacher-centred articles for yoga platform with a blog based in the Netherlands. What I love about this job is that It made me a better writer because I had someone oversee my work and gave constructive criticism, I became accountable to keep track of my time, leading me to a more organised life. From here I was able to map out my days. I have formulated a writing schedule for the week that balances my personal/professional life including my online presence which, in turn, helped me map out my months up to the whole year. From a small step forward in my career I managed to create a compass of where I wanted to go, more importantly, where I wanted to be by a certain time. An extremely important feat to accomplish that brings much peace of mind.

In other news, I got my residency. Whew! What a ride! This opens so many doors for me both personal and professional. I can travel with my friends and family now, I can land a better day job, etc. I get the physical card on the 22nd of January so in just 2 1/2 weeks I will have in my hands my new I.D.___ my precious.

Lastly, I have decided that I want to add more cirque into my resume. While having aerial yoga has been a wonderful experience, I’m gonna channel my inner little mermaid and sing I want moooooore… So as soon as I get paid, I am signing up for a 3 month intensive for 2 types of aerial technique complemented with floor inversions at my local Cirque school. Sooooo excited to start that. I’m telling you, once you start an aerial practice and complement that with traditional yoga, that’s all you’ll want to do.

While 2017 had its highs and lows, Ivan and I took our relationship to the next level, got denied on my residency the first time, 2 of my fur babies passed, I got to come home for a month, I lost a studio job, but gained a new one, launched Misfit Yoga, and got my journey through yoga story published on, then lastly got into a bit of a funk despite all this. I would say that the recap of my year was 50% f yeah and 50% f you. So 2018 let’s change those numbers for the better.

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