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What I Learned After Taking a Long Break From Building My Online Presence

About a year ago, I wrote a blog post saying that I would be more conscientious about keeping up with my postings. Like all new year’s resolutions, they were broken within the next 2 weeks. Then 2 weeks became a month, half a year, before I knew it__ I only had one article for 2018. A bit embarrassing I know. So what happened between that post and now? What makes me think that 2019 will be different? To explain I have to take you a year back.

I created my website at the tail-end of 2017 with all the hope and intention of growing my business. I had so many ideas and couldn’t wait to make them a reality. When the site was finally finished, I made 5 posts while living on the momentum of my finished product. I was overwhelmed because I started comparing myself with other people’s work again. It's a very toxic habit. I know this, yet I keep on doing it. So at 2018 I wrote a post on my resolutions and all the crap I have been going through. I finalised it by saying this year will be different. It was different.. I just didn’t write anything.

Now we are on the first week of 2019 and I have my first post of the year. What’s my excuse this time? None. I neglected my business. Will I have resolutions? No. It doesn’t work for me. Then what is the point of this article? the things I learned from my year-long regret.

Lessons Learned During My “Sabbatical” From Writing.

1. The Purpose of the Online Presence

One of the reasons I stopped writing for me was because I was at a loss for content ideas. I didn’t think of myself as interesting enough to capture followers. Who’s going to read my articles? I don’t have enough work experience to keep producing articles to last a year! My self-doubt kept me from writing. After about a year without a single post, I asked myself: Why did I create misfit yoga? I wanted a place where I could write my thoughts, experience, teaching methods and my personal practice. It dawned on me that all those topics were enough. . Building an online presence is also about getting to know yourself so just write and see what comes out. Go through the process. Its the only way to find your voice.

2. What Really Mattered to Me

I got into this line of work because I wanted to help people. When I came to terms with this,I knew I had to be with actual students to fulfil this aspect of my career. knowing this helped me streamline my site. I was able to focus my marketing strategy. I wanted more live clients as well as maintain my veteran students. Once I did that, the anxiety of not having more followers or less blog subscriptions lessened. I knew what I wanted. Does this mean that I don’t want my Online presence to thrive? Of course not. Only now there’s no rush for it.

3. Take the Time to Realise What Your Message is all About

When was on a break, I decided to review my mission statement. Did I still have the same views?What has changed? When one is building themselves or their service, It is very important that you back yourself up 100%. This is where authenticity comes from. Thankfully my mission statement still holds up. My perspective has just taken a more profound path. My site still stands for people who want to mix up their yoga practice and other disciplines. What has changed? I want to present how each practice complements the other and how both can evolve together i.e. Vinyasa and Circus Arts.

4. Your Business Your Way

I paid for an online course on Aerial Yoga and the business side of promoting yourself as a teacher. Unfortunately, It was not a good investment. While she had a lot of little details to make her course look professional__ It lacked substance. She told us to copy other successful businesses out there. When I heard that, I envisioned my hard-earned cash fly away. A whole lot of fluff with little foundation. Not to let things go to waste, I picked off what I could from her course and applied it to myself. I started posting more. At least from a few chosen platforms like Instagram. I invested in a good camera to take better quality images, But I presented myself as an articulate yoga teacher that always had something meaningful to impart. I don’t post often, but when I do, I try to make it relevant and/or relatable to my followers. It is impossible to use all the marketing advice out there but you can always ask yourself this: What applies to your business philosophy?

5. Taking the Pressure Off by Looking at the hand you’re dealt with.

Last year felt that I had to be “woke” or “extra” 24/7 to make it in this business. That sentiment took my anxiety level up a notch. Even opening my website caused me to break out in hives. Only people in their 20’s can survive that expenditure of energy. I was worried that a 37-year old was no match for the younger generation. They were lively, limber, and had the energy of the sun within them. I’m more of like a red giant ( look up: dying star). It was my husband who told me to find a challenge that could highlight the strength I still had. So I got into Aerial Dancing and transformed it into my serious hobby. It showed me There was much more light in me. I became quite strong, I learned techniques from the circus that were very applicable to my method. Suddenly I was given an ace to put up my sleeve which made me look at the other cards I had on hand. During this time, I had just accepted a job in content writing for Momoyoga, a yoga studio scheduling platform with a blog. I learned that I was adept at writing, I worked well with others, above all I slowly discovered the kind of content I wanted to publish for myself. Stop dwelling on the things you lack. You have much to offer this industry.

6. Make Actual Connections

Everyone you meet is a potential business contact . I couldn’t find an optimum writing schedule which means I always had an excuse not to write. I beat myself up over it because I felt guilty losing time at my desk. The truth is that nothing is ever really lost. I took my Aerial Dance hobby more seriously. I met people from the theatre during my classes, How other Aerial teachers like me find jobs, charge for their service, etc. I got pearls of wisdom, from everyone within my surroundings. If you are in a slump as you build your brand story; get out of your head, get out of your house and make some friends. you may find that it is more productive than you think

Before I recap, let me leave you with these two cents: Everyone has the right to fall back and regroup. When you do, you either come out stronger or you need to change direction. So don’t beat yourself up when you are at a stagnant state in your life. Maybe it is exactly what you need right now. Take a step back to revisit your mission statement, the reason behind your concept, or what drove you to create your business. Next, look at your priorities, have they changed? Maybe they have become more complex?acknowledge your liabilities as well as assets. How will you take advantage of them? Lastly use your time-out to meet people because everyone has potential.

Time is your friend. Whether you need to disappear for a while or you are ready for your comeback. It’s ok. Do what you need to do. Just remember to make your days away count for something.Find your voice and you will be found.

Good luck Misfit Yogis!


Yes. I meant to use the title of that Dear Evan Hanson song “You will be Found” Music and Lyrics by: Benj Pasek and Justin Paul... If you have not heard this song I highly recommend that you listen to it. It is the Ultimate Feel-Good song! Here's the link:

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